Monday, January 03, 2005

Merry, Happy, Full!

newyears' dinner
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I've never really liked New Year's celebrations because I dread the sounds of firecrackers on the streets.In fact this time I wanted to check in a hotel with the whole family just so I can have it in peace and quiet. However, a friend said New Year's feng shui required that I stay at home, open all the windows to bring in luck, wear a polka-dotted dress and lay out all the food on the table. So I did!

It turned out to be enjoyable.My son slept through the fireworks but the twins and me had fun dancing after the clock struck twelve. Then, it was time to head off to the table where I prepared a simple feast of the ham and fruits given to me over Christmas, assorted puto, and some of the food I prepared: the tulingan pasta, beef stew and special fruit salad.

Even though it was only the nanny, me and the twins sharing the meal, the simple feast proved to be fantastic.

The tulingan pasta, which is made from the Spanish mackerel fish growing in the Philippine seas, proved to be a revelation. I got the recipe from Chef Dennis of Hotel Pontefino and there's no doubt I'm cooking it again. I like cooking with wine and this tasted absolutely yummy, not to mention so easy to prepare.

The beef stew is an old specialty of mine while the fruit salad was a take-off from a recipe in Food Magazine.



15 ml. olive oil
20 g. garlic, chopped
100 g. shrimps, peeled and deveined
30 ml white wine
60 ml shrimp stock
200 g. spaghetti,cooked
5 g. basil, julienned
15 g. butter
40 g. sinaing na tulingan flakes
40 g. button mushroom, sliced
salt & pepper to taste
15 g. parmesan cheese
2 pcs. lemon or calamansi

In a pan, heat olive oil. Brown the garlic (I love garlic so I add a lot!), then add the shrimps and mushroom.Deglaze with white wine and add the shrimp stock.Toss in the pasta and fresh basil leaves. Add in the butter and remove from heat. Top with the tulingan flakes and parmesan cheese. Serve with lemon wedges on the wide.

**Notes: there was no basil available so i skipped it but the dish still tasted delicious with just the addition of Italian seasoning . The tulingan flakes I bought from a Batangas food vendor but you can try experimenting with other fish, like ordinary tuna.