Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pinoy Ratatoy - a truly vegetarian dish

 If you've been to Cafe Juanita, then am sure you've seen Pinoy Ratatoy on the menu. It's this popular restaurant's take on the French dish ratatouille which is made with tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine or eggplant and other vegetables. Cafe Juanita's creation is more or less adapted from the original French recipe, we just noticed the addition of tuyo flakes. This can be a great vegetable side dish or the entree in itself. If you're going on a diet, try munching on this and think of nothing else .... it will fill you up in no time ;) Thanks to The Maya Kitchen for the photo & Cafe Juanita for the recipe.


 1 tbsp olive oil
10 g. chopped garlic
5 g. chopped onion
30 g. “tuyo” flakes
1 tbsp. zucchini
10 g. gggplant, chopped
5 pcs. fresh tomatoes, chopped
3 tbsp. wansoy, chopped
¼ tsp Tabasco


 Saute garlic, onion and the tuyo flakes in olive oil. Add the zucchini, tomatoes and wansoy. Season with Tabasco. Fry sliced eggplant and mix with the cooked ratatoy.