Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lunch boxes will never go out of style: what's for Tuesday?

The Filipinomomblog has launched their lunchbox meme, and I would like to unveil what my twin daughters had for baon this Tuesday. Thin as they are, am thankful that my eight-year old twins are not picky eaters. In fact, I'm training their taste buds this early by tagging them along with me on my food trips. Some of their favorite foods are pizza, tocino, sinigang and dishes with malunggay leaves in them.

Another all-time favorite of theirs is pork and beans. They can subsist on a big can during those times when Mom or the nanny is too lazy to cook. Their main course for the lunch box today is what I would call the "pork and beans" casserole. It's good ol' pork and beans given a tasty twist by adding real chunks of meat and cubed potatoes. How to do this? First, I sauteed pork bits with garlic and onions, added a little water and simmered till it was cooked. Then I poured the can of pork and beans, and seasoned with salt and sugar. After which, I added the cubed potatoes and simmered again till potatoes were cooked.

The other things in the lunch box: rice, mixed veggies, Fuji apple and pineapple juice... good enough for my little daughters with the hearty appetite :)