Friday, December 17, 2004

A Taste of Taiwan

taiwan sausage
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I caught the last day of the World Bazaar Festival last Sunday at the World Trade Center and made one of my most important food discoveries of the year: the Taiwan sausage in choices of pork or chicken. It is simply so yummy that I've been eating it everyday for five days. A dozen cost only P160 pesos and is available in Chinese deli shops like DEC's deli and Shin Tong Yang on Gandara St. Binondo.

ice bar
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In the same Taiwan booth, I tried their dessert which is called Ice Bar. I found out it was a better, tastier version than the rage of the moment, the Ice Monster. One had a chocolate-mallow topping while the other had cherries and preserved fruits. I heard the distributor is already accepting dealerships so it should be a craze soon. At only P35, the Ice Bar is definitely a treat.

My latest food adventure has aroused my curiosity of Taiwan. My Rotarian buddies were there recently to visit our sister-club and they were also raving about the food (not to mention running naked in the freezing open-air hot spring). Hmm, Taiwan should be on my list of must-visit places soon. If you have anything more to say about Taiwanese cuisine, your comments here would be much appreciated.


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Manong's said...


Great to read your blog. I went to the same bazaar as well and made the same discovery. It was the best sausage I have ever tasted in my life !!! I bought a few packs there and thought of taking down their tel. nos. for reorders but unfortunately all the packages got thrown out before I could copy them. Grrr.

I'm wondering if you have the tel nos of the supplier. I tried calling DECs but said they don't sell taiwan sausage. I looked everywhere in the internet for the number of Shin Ton Yang, but there's none. I do hope you have their contact details: tel nos or addresses. Will really appreciate it. Thanks a million!