Monday, January 10, 2005

A new way with shrimp

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Somebody gave me a pack of Alavar sauce last Christmas which is a famous product of Zamboanga province in the South. My merry giver said this sauce goes well with anything - be it crabs, shrimp and meat.

I haven't eaten shrimps in a long time (maybe because this remains an expensive seafood in Manila) and so decided to cook it with the Alavar sauce. For those curious, Alavar is made from coconut milk and "secret" spices (as the packet says) and is yellowish in color. It is named after a popular restaurant famous for its Zamboanga cooking.

Cooking the dish entailed just sauteing the garlic until brown, adding the shrimps and sort of stir-frying them in the pan till they turn orange. Afterwards, I poured the Alavar sauce, letting it simmer for two minutes. The addition of Philippine green peppers completed this simple yet savory dish.

And yes, you guessed it...this is just one of my culinary inventions. I didn't come prepared with the precise procedures and ingredients. But am sure fellow cooks can picture what am saying here... saute, stir and simmer. Enjoy!