Monday, July 19, 2010

Asparagus with scallops

Asparagus with scallops ( or scallops with asparagus) was one dish I encountered somewhere. I just didn't have the time to look up the recipe online because when I was about to cook this, we had no internet for close to 40 hours due to a typhoon! So what I did was just cook this with a blind eye (read: no recipe). I was pretty confident in the outcome because with seafood + veggies, you just let the natural flavors come out. And it did!

How to cook (blindly):

I cut two bunches of asparagus stems and set aside. Pound xx cloves of garlic and set aside too. Heat a pan and put oil and butter then fry your scallops (not too long or it will become tough). Put aside in one section of your pan. At this point, add garlic. When it browns a little, add your sliced asparagus and cook for five minutes - taking care not to overcook. If you want a little sauce, add a small amount of water, a little Japanese soy sauce and a dollop of sake (or white wine). Season with salt, pepper and/or Magic Sarap. This dish will taste edible in due time :D Serve hot.