Saturday, March 07, 2009

Asian soup: misua (mee sua) with meatballs

Misua (variation mee sua) is an Asian type of noodle made with rice flour. It is usually thinner than other varieties like vermicelli. A friend of mine advises cooking misua on your birthday to bring luck for the rest of the year... I still have to try it :)

The misua dish featured above is known in the Philippines as "almondigas." Because I have children, I like cooking it because it is tasty yet very easy to make. It's healthy too, as it doesn't really use oil, and you can add green leafy vegetables , like spinach, if you prefer.

How I cooked this:

1. Boil 2 to 3 cups water.

2. When the pot is already simmering, add prepared meatballs and let it cook. For this one, I used packed meatballs in the supermarket.

3. Season with salt and pepper or other condiments (Like bouillon cubes).

4. Add one pack misua noodles last, while stirring to avoid it from clumping.

5. Top with greens if you like.

6. Serve hot.

This is my entry to SWC: Soups hosted by Tasty Recipes. SWC was started by Cooking Station.


Neha said...

Thanx for sending it to SWC:soups dear, the soup looks inviting...

Bloggityblogs said...

i tried this the other night, it was good!