Sunday, September 28, 2008

Highlanders Brown Rice Tea

Don't know if it goes with age, but I've lately turned a convert for anything herbal or "natural." I've tried using Carica shampoo for my hair, papaya soap and also the Zen Zest line - all of which have brought positive results. One good thing I also subscribe to is Highlanders Brown Rice Tea which is made from - you guessed it - a combination of brown rice and ginseng. It claims to be an all-natural beverage adapted from what has been used by ancient Tibetans to fight the cold up in the mountains.

I have to admit I had to resort to drinking this when I worked on shifts and sleeping sometimes proved to be difficult. Wasn't really that comfortable taking melatonin, another over-the-counter sleep-inducing medicine.A cup before bedtime was enough to calm me down (like chamomile), and no getting up to empty the bladder too! The only drawback to this tea is the price, it costs about twenty five pesos per tea bag. Still, that's much cheaper than having your cuppa at Starbucks or any of those stylish chains.

What brown rice tea claims to bring about: (from its official literature)

- better sleep & stress relief
- greater stamina
- reduced night urination
- stimulation of appetite
- improved digestion
- relieves constipation
- better blood circulation
- detoxification
- improved complexion
-regulation of blood pressure
- reduce tummy bulge


Verna said...

I just started drinking this brown rice tea 3 days ago,so I can't attest to any results yet. I'm wondering how drinking a cup of tea at bedtime can prevent rather than make one have to get up from sleep to use the bathroom. I'll keep drinking to see how effective it is, but I'll drink it mornings.

Andrei V. said...

hi! where do you buy this tea? my friend gave me some brown rice tea and I'm hooked :D i've been looking for it since. i live in metro manila and work in manila so anywhere thereabouts i'll be able to buy it. thanks! - andrei