Friday, May 20, 2005

Deep-Fried Pompano with Tomato Salsa

Pompano (or sole) is not commonly sold in Philippine markets.Maybe it's because this fish is quite expensive..whereas your P70 (a little more than a dollar) can yield you three to four pieces of tilapia, this amount can only give you one piece of medium-sized pompano. My suki (favorite vendor) tells me she supplies the fish to restaurants around the metro.

I like my pompano fried to a crunch and so the problem was just finding the dressing or the salad to go with it.Luckily, I found one recipe in Glenda Barretto's Via Mare Seafood Cookbook which was so easy to adapt in my kitchen. Here goes:

1. Season fish with calamansi (or lemon), salt and pepper.Set aside for at least 15 minutes then fry until golden and crispy.

2. Make the salsa. Combine tomatoes, spring onion, red onion, garlic and chopped coriander in a bowl, then add olive oil and toss. Season with 1 tbsp. fish sauce and arrange over th fish or as a side dish.


Simon Langer said...

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